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New Article on Government
Due Date: 10/31/2014
Subject: Social Studies 7

Student will go Web Site TweenTurbine and sign in using their user name and password pick a article. Write a summary and answer the question at the end and summit it.  I will check eack one for their grade.

Land and water,Climate and vegetation of Africa's
Due Date: 10/30/2014
Subject: Social Studies 7

Question and Answer

Which regions of Africa is the most populated?

Which parts of Africa do you suppose the fewest people live? Why?

What is names the four majors rivers in Africa?What climate is common in Africa along the Equator?

Why is most of Africa warm?

How does elevation affect climate?

Vocabulary words, Define and write two sentence for each.

1. plateau, 2.elevation,3.rift,4.tributary,5.fertile,6.irrigate,7. drought,8.oasis,9. savanna, 9. nomad, 10. delta,11. slit,12. aquifer