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news article on government only
Due Date: 4/17/2014
Subject: Social Studies 7

news article on government only.  Article have to be on the news no violence nor sports.  Summary article and pick two words that you don't use daily and define in on terms and write two sentence for each term.

Question and Answer plus Vocabulary words
Due Date: 4/17/2014
Subject: Social Studies 7

Question and Answer

1. Why does the Supreme Court have the final say in whether an action violates the Constitution or is in accordance with its?

2. Why do you think white Americans discriminated for years against people of different races and nationalities?

3. How do the issues and court cases described in section 2 demonstrate the flexibility of the Constitution?

To whomdoes the principle of equal protection apply?

5. What did many of the civil right laws of the 1960s hope to achieve?

Vocabulary word define with quad

Equal Protection, Segregation, Affirmative Action, Violates, Permanent, Facilities, Inferior, Superior,Civil Right, Favor, Admission