Education Ordered By The Court Can Make You A Better Person

court ordered education programs

In the distant past there was shame amongst many who had to endure a few more years of school rather than follow in their forefathers’ footsteps and going out to get a job. There was ignorance aplenty in those days, but then again, it was different then. The conditions were certainly there to go off and do a trade instead of moving towards a high school diploma and then on to college. And today, there is shame and despair among many who have never been able to complete their high school education, let alone get any kind of job.

Because so true today, no meaningful occupation can be obtained without the minimum education, usually a high school diploma. As it happened back then, so it is still happening today, many unemployed youths, even their much older peers, out of sheer desperation, are wandering off into delinquency and petty crime, just to survive, never mind make ends meet. It would usually behoove any judge today to send anyone caught red handed off to jail to pay for his ‘small’ crime.

He is called upon to do so, and it is expected of him, by the general public, most of whom are all gainfully employed or preoccupied, to mete out the ‘appropriate’ punishment. But fortunately, the judge is still able to act in a discretionary manner. He can order delinquent men and women to partake in court ordered education programs, not so much in the interests of the greater public but more in the interest of the offending individual.

He or she is quite literally being given a first chance in life. It should be grasped with both hands because once completed the program beckons new opportunities in life, previously unattainable.